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Corte della Birra - Wellness Centre - Pub and Restaurant

Relax and revel in the delights of Beer in every way, in a space devoted to Beer fans.



Guided tours and beer tastings with brewmasters.


Our PUB and RESTAURANT in which you can sample all our Beers accompanied by Pizza Breads mixed with Special Ingredients originating in our Brewery.
Live music and shows guarantee fun as nowhere else.
FROM WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY starting from 18:00.



A one of a kind oasis of treatments for both care and comfort.

Focused upon the extraordinary health-giving beneficial effects of vitamin and nutrient rich Hops and Malts.

You will find wooden tub Jacuzzis and a spicy Swedish type sauna, based on the use of Hops and Malts, to expel toxins from the body. Wheat straw beds to relax upon aid the absorption of health promoting substances.  

Beer Yeast is the best natural source of the vitamin B complex together with important sources of the trace elements chromium, essential in normalising blood sugar levels, and the potent antioxidant mineral selenium. Renowned for aiding the complexion, Beer Yeast has a multitude of other nutritional and health boosting properties, is readily absorbed by the body, and acknowledged as a valuable supplement for optimal nutrition.     

The treatments, based around the known health promoting benefits of Beer's ingredients, can help to strengthen the cardiovascular system, boost the immune system, stimulate the metabolism, and promote the elimination of harmful substances from the body in a calming setting designed to relax, and revitalise, the visitor.


Our 4 Hotel Rooms, endowed with all amenities, will welcome guests who desire both a memorable travel experience and comfort.


A stay is your ideal opportunity to organise:

  • Rural excursions
  • A Tour of the Craft Brewery
  • Tap Room lessonsy
  • Practical lessons in both the Theory and Art of Brewing
  • Tastings



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Beer Hotel/Wellness Centre